Hi everyone!  This is me and my hubby.  This guy is the reason I started exploring my artistic side. We had a military move in 2018 that was really tough on me, (honestly not sure I have recovered from it yet).  He pushed me to explore a side of myself that I honestly didn’t know existed. Art was and is (along with this man) what began to slowly heal me. I don’t know what I did to deserve him, but I thank God everyday. Another little fact about us—we met online before it was cool or well known. After only three months of dating, we married and moved to San Diego for the military. We have three beautiful amazing children. And currently live in Chesapeake Virginia.

I make Coastal resin artwork which might include hanging art, trays, ornaments and whatever else I find. Please let me know if you have a custom resin request, I would love to help make your art dreams happen.